Korean Heaven 1 Grade Red Ginseng – 250mg x 180 Capsule (3 Bot)

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Brand: CheonSamWon
CHEONG SAM WON Korean HEAVEN 1 Grade Ginseng Powder Capsule
Under God-given’s fresh air, clear water and fertile soil, Korean ginseng grow with 6 years of wise and sincere care.
Cheon Sam Won’s brand “HEAVEN 1” “天壹级“ trademark received recognition as the finest Korean ginseng that promise the top quality.
Known as the best among all ginseng by strictly selecting the highest grade 6 years old Korean ginseng root and grind it into capsule for easy consumption.

Size: 250mg x 180 Capsules x 3 bottles (Total 540 capsules) (Approx 135g)

Usage: · Three times per day, 2 capsules per servings

Cheon Sam Won | 천삼원 | 天蔘元 was established in South Korea since 1971 as a professional red ginseng company. We have very high-quality standards and keep the 6 years old Red Ginseng in a top-notched low, high-temp. cold storage. You can find our products all over the world and in many of the Duty-Free stores across Asia.

What is Red Ginseng?
Ginseng produced in the right place 6-year-old fresh ginseng of good quality

Carefully selected, unpeeled Steamed for a long time dried

Ginseng with pale yellowish brown or redish brown

It is classified into 1-5 grades according to its shape, and turns into red ginseng after washing, steaming, and drying.

We guarantee quality based on our promise and trust with our customers


• No artificial colors

• No preservatives

• Antioxidant effect

• No sugar / Suitable for Diabetics

• Helps improve blood flow

• No Trans Fat / Saturated Fat

• No Cholesterol

Note: If on diabetes or anticoagulant medication, please consult your doctor/physician prior to consuming this product.

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